as you probably already know, i’m gabriel (aka hearot). there is no meaning behind my username, since plenty of people have already asked me (nay, it does not come from beowulf either). it is just a random name i made up when i was a kid. i live near florence, italy.

i’m not a computer science student, nor a programmer, nor a software engineer. i’m a maths student at the university of pisa. nevertheless i’m used to coding scripts and programs whenever i’m feeling to (this website is not an exception either). you may find some excerpts of my code on github.

this website represents me in my true self, and i hope you will enjoy it. the first time i coded and wrote my personal website, i thought of me as if i was a client of myself, meaning that i had to look professional to other people reading this site. the second time, i switched to a more “computer science student/enthusiast” approach, which didn’t work out too well. finally, i’ve decided to write this little blog to encapsulate my thoughts and experiences.

i enjoy playing some videogames, but i wouldn’t call myself a gamer. yet, i’m in love with the last two entries of The Legend of Zelda series and with the whole UNDERTALE universe. i’m also big fan of formula 1. i support the ferrari f1 team, and i enjoy watching every grand prix (well, i used to, i guess).

i’m an old fan of telegram, which explains why i’m using it all the time. in fact, my first script was a telegram bot that i wrote in php. then, i fell in love with python; thus i attended multiple conferences regarding it (pycon nove, pycon x, pycon 22, pycon 23) as well as other events (golab 2018, golab 2019, golab 2022).